Website Services

Web Design

Our process is quite simple, after our agreement to start design services, we’ll send a questionaire that helps to explain your goal(s) in detail.  From there, design begins, your approvals, then development.  After you are satisfied with the design, you’ll be sent login information to your brand new website.  As well as basic knowledge of your content management system.

Mobile App

It starts with what platform you desire, Android or Apple, or Both.  Then design of the user interface (UI), which is “what do you want your customer/clients to see”, afterwards development begins, after you approve of the mobile app, publishing begins and sending you to a portal so you monitor the analytics.  The process can take from 1 to 4 weeks depending the app itself.


Search Engine Optimization is required to rank your website for the target keywords that YOUR clients/customers type into the search engines to find your services and products.  People everywhere are using smartphones, typing in keywords and businesses are popping up first, second and third, where’s your website ranking?  SEO is a must for every website small & large.


Web visitors come and go and it’s the webmaster’s job to analyze that traffic.  Analytics is the way that is achieved.  By placing a small snippet of html/java code to each webpage, a analytics tool can track, monitor and even dig deep into better understanding who, when & from where did a web visitor came from.  This is the type of service for business owners who need to know why visitors are coming but aren’t taking the type of action that allows for a company to grow.


E-commerce is not a small job regardless if it’s a small business or large one.  E-commerce requires a lot of attention from security to payment processing to inventory and creating trust with a customer through the internet.  It also requires a business owner to have crisp and clear product images, detailed descriptions and understanding which keywords are considered buyer keywords.  Proper design and credible trust symbols are crucial to e-commerce success.


Once you know your business is fly(Awesome) and you receive traffic and sales, you naturally want to grow it.  Or perhaps you have a budget and you need to quickly buy quality traffic to test your landing pages and product pages.  Through advertising, I can quickly assist you in generating web traffic from segmented areas of the world with certain demographic indicators like, age, gender, likes, when to promote the ads.  It’s very powerful what digital advertising can do for those who require it.