Web Design

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Here are the requirements to get started with web design services:

  1. Be ready to answer a questionnaire pertaining to your company.  Basic things like color preferences, demographics, site layout, etc.  This questionnaire is important for you because it allows both of us to be on the same page and what we are looking to achieve.
  2. DomainGeek will begin creating design mock-ups on how the site is to look with layouts, where elements will be placed and overall the theme of the site.  It is a good idea during this phrase to email back and forth the layout you prefer if you aren’t happy with the first mock-ups of the layouts.  After a few days and up to a week, depending on if you are satisfied with the design portion, the final design will be begin and then be moved onto development.
  3. The nuts and bolts of how the website is structured is through php, java, html, css and other programming languages, all of which are required to design the type of site you desire.
  4. After the development, you’ll be sent the login information to the backend of your newly designed website.  We will be on the phone or in person to discuss with you on how to do basic adjustments. Simple tasks like adding posts and pages, and uploading media, specifically photos and videos.