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SSL Certificates will soon become the norm for trustworthy websites.  And if your website does NOT have an SSL Certificate, ALL YOUR CHROME WEBSITE USERS WILL SEE IT!

SSL Certificates

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificates are security certificates installed onto websites to show online visitors that the site they are viewing is secure and encrypted. A simple, yet advanced method to secure a website’s content from prying eyes and keep your information private so it’s just between you and the website you’re browsing.

What Are They?

SSL is a security technology that creates an encrypted link between the website browser and your web server. The connection guarantees that all the data sent between the browser you’re viewing and the server that collects it (Hosting Provider) is secure and private. It is a standard compliance protocol for All E-COMMERCE SITES and with the way things are going with cyber threats and the rise of privacy concerns, they will become mandatory among all sites that plan on ranking in search engines as well as having customers who want to do business with your site. 

Don’t let financial concerns stop you from securing your site. can’t stress enough the importance of site encryption using SSL certificates.

Why You Need SSL?

Over the last 20 years, the number of security breaches have increased exponentially, here are list of some of the threats that websites are at risk for:

Advanced Persistent Malware.

Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) Attacks.

Unknown, Untrusted, and Forged Certificate Authorities.

Attacker Encrypted Communications.

Expired SSL/TLS Certificates. 

If you browse a website whose browser shows an “UNSAFE” warning or an “X” in the browser address bar, be wary and get off that site as soon as possible.  Especially if you plan on purchasing from their website.  

Think about it, when you see those “X” marks on the address bar or even an “UNSAFE” in the address bar, you get that knee jerk reaction as you think “OH MY GOD”, some people have elevated heart rates when they see that happen because it truly a serious issue that people in the web community have addressed.  People’s privacy concern are important to them and if they feel breached, if they feel exposed, that feeling of exposure is no good for your website visitor.



You see as a former bank machine re-programmer, these people see an opening and take it, however, in this world of ever-evolving technology, electromagnetic energy, and consciousness and the laws of the universe, these attacks are happening more frequently.

You may wonder why this is happening. Why are we constantly face threats to our privacy? The simple truth is: the system has been programmed to allow this to happen to those who open their websites to attacks without having the proper defensive mechanisms in place.

We recommend making a backup to your website daily or weekly or monthly just so you can avoid loss of data and content.

There are some sites that don’t even need it because their minds are strong. HOWEVER….the same cannot be said of their viewers, and that is what makes the difference between sites that attempt to convince viewers to trustworthy sites and sites people will actually trust.

Because I was the center of some of these attacks and promptly alerted the correct authorities., I was able to save face and continue on with my life, I share this vital information with you so that you will take the proper measures to secure your site.

Everyone deserves to know what options and opportunities are available to them and building a trusted environment is one of the best ways to improving your website’s visibility. By getting an SSL certificate you’re taking the first steps towards building a secure, trustworthy online environment for internet users. 

The reason you need an SSL Certificate is not for the strong minded nor the rich, it is for the rest of the world that needs that extra assurance that they are indeed visiting a website that they can relate to on an emotional and psychological level.  And, let’s be honest for a second, who really wants to visit a site that isn’t secure?

We already share all our personal details and information through iPhone and Android apps, why continue sharing them online?

How Much Are SSL Certificates?

There are tons of SSL Certificates on the internet.  Although there’s no shortage of affordable SSL Certificates (visit Let’s Encrypt for a free SSL), others can cost upwards of $1499 per year! Different SSL Certificates will offer different levels of security and use different methods to verify businesses and identity.

Big e-commerce businesses that run high-volume sales every hour will want the best SSL they can afford. Higher quality SSL certificates that guarantee to protect the user and website owner will cost more. 

One of the best parts of having your SSL certificates on your site is that you are telling the visitors that your site’s security has an under writer and they can handle the breach up to so much money.  This is what the globalsign SSL states:

Underwritten Warranty $10k $1.25 million $1.5 million


The way this undewriting works is if the issuing authority who issued the SSL certificate fails to validate information within a digital certificate and the end user loses money, the end user can file for a warranty compensation and get paid back for the losses from the issuing authority. So, you’re considering an SSL Certificate but still don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Best SSL Certificates:

Positive SSL Certificate

Extended Validation Certificates:

Organization Validated Certificates.

Domain Validated Certificates.

Single Domain Certificates.

Wildcard SSL Certificate.

Multi Domain SSL Certificate (MDC)

Unified Communications Certificate (UCC)

REMEMBER: People are more likely to engage with online content and purchase products from secure sites. Put your website viewers first by doing your part to ensure their security.

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Comodo, will assist you in purchasing your SSL Certificate and setting up and installing the actual SSL Cert. to your website. It is one of the smartest moves you can make regarding website security and safety. 

Make your website customers feel safe!