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In 2009, I started an online store providing solar power and earth friendly products to online shoppers. I seen a niche and had a passion to provide a good experience for customers and curtailed that into opening an online business through my website. That experience led me into selling on other shopping networks. One of the most powerful things you can do for your business and career is to have a website developed so YOU can build a relationship with your clients.

Link Building

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Backlinking Methods

Social Media Techniques

Landing Pages

Ebook creation

Email Marketing

E-commerce Deployment

And many other forms of marketing and selling though the internet. In 2019, I decided to wrap everything into this website from self-help to marketing to design and development. And that is what we have here, the experience and knowledge from a bank re-programmer and e-commerce manager.

We provide digital services including marketing, web design and mobile. will assist you with web design, creating a marketing strategy and developing a mobile app.

Email or call me and we’ll chat, email is or For those who need consulting services or plan of action on how to increase conversions, feel free to contact me.