Night Owl HD 4 Camera Security System Reviews

Night Owl HD 4 Camera Security System Reviews

By techie 0 Comment November 30, 2019

Night Owl HD 4 Camera Security System Reviews

The Night Owl Security System is a hot security product right now!  There are some mixed reviews, but mostly because users wanted something even better, but this camera system is built for close range camera security.  There was a software developer who couldn’t figure it out, I’m guessing he was stuck on perfection and not just using it for what it was intended for, either way, it has more good reviews than bad. A lot of homeowners are purchasing this for simple wifi security surveillance.

The name is fairly simply to understand, Owls are knowing for being able to see in the dark, hints the big eyes!

The one specifically that I posted about is the 4 camera system that is valued around $499 dollars and that includes the DVR system. As someone who has helped install for security system for my girlfriend in our home, it is best used for watching the entrances and backyard, drive ways and the children’s room for safety concerns.

It stores up to 1 TB of data and includes wifi and is a

Wireless 1080p NVR Surveillance System

If you are expecting some super duty wifi security camera system, then keep looking. This is for a basis up to date quality indoor security camera system.  If you want to spend more, then go for it.  Also, remember that it does include a 30 day return policy. Because the name is branded as OWL, I am guessing this company will last or get bought out soon by some holdings company.


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