Your Android Hacked!

Your Android Hacked!

By techie 0 Comment February 3, 2019

Are you experiencing glitches, slow apps, slow smartphone operations, or simply sense that your phone has viruses and or malware or adware? Here is a solution for those super paranoid…

Download a reputable security company’s mobile security app (McAfee or a company you trust). Sign up with them and download their app and then go through all their prompts to get your phone scanned. After everything has been scanned, uninstall the app… here’s why…

Think about it…what targets have the largest servers of data? Yes…think about it…your phone attached to them are at risk. Look at all the biggest companies like Equifax

I used McAfee and it took about 10-20 minutes from start to finish to double check my phone(Android) However after I had it scanned, I removed their app from the phone because they want too many permissions and just in case their on someone’s target list, I can’t trust them, I don’t want them on my phone. Plus one of the highest targets for hackers are security companies…And it is just a matter of time when BIG BREACHES in security and military get attacked! And when that happens, it’ll be a domino effect with all their clients exposed and breached and you DON’T want their app on your phone WHATSOEVER. The kind of attack where once your phone subjected to attack, you don’t even have to have a phone in service for hackers to have ALL your information.

Truth be told, if you’re reading this, you’re probably a victim of identity theft and not just your name or social or phone, it goes way deep in the mess the leaders of all major nations put us in. You do have options but be sure you’re careful on how you go about overcoming possible identity theft. And if you want to know, I’m a victim of identity theft and have researched some of the options (for another blog post and another time).

Here is the link to McAfee

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